We have become a proud sponsor of the Remote Access League! If you are a charity or small business affected by COVID-19  and are in need of Fabrication/Branding/Design feel free to reach out! This month we launch Journeyman Photo an extension of our 2D services into digital editing & capture!  

Welcome Hiba, Demi, Flo to the team! We look forward to competing in the Biomimicry Open Challenge this year with you. 

- The Journeyman Team


  • Small Order Shipping Bulk Pricing!

  • Resin, PLA, Canvas, Photo Stickers, Cardstock, Paper we can print it all! 

  • We also do 2D/3D design & prototyping.


  • Professional Photos at Journeyman Prices!

  • Digital Editing, Marketing, and Social Influencing Available. 

  • Personal & Commercial Photography


  • Real Solutions, Digital Service!

  • Life Coaching, Marketing, and  Microbusiness Mentorship.

  • Moneyback Guarentee


  • Unique  Solutions for Worthwhile Problems!

  • Branding, Product Design, Community Relations Management.

  •  Local talent with an international reach.



We at Journeyman 3D are passionate about producing personalized solutions efficiently! 

Have you ever been in need of a custom solution that is either too expensive or doesn’t exist?

​So have we! Journeyman3D is a Digital Talent Pool designed to combat such frustrations by utilizing an international team with a diverse and innovative skillset. Together we represent professionals in 2D/3D Fabrication, UI/UX Design, Branding & Marketing, Community Relations Management, Business Analytics & Data Science, and Life Coaching.

Long gone are the days where you will have to wait on foreign manufacturing and be at the ​Long gone are the days of purchasing non-personalized solutions! No matter where you are in the world we hope to provide you with a customized product that fulfills our Journeyman Guarantee. The days of being at the mercy of international shipping, minimum order specifications, or non-competitive pricing are over.

​With the proliferation of digital skills and services, we are able to design and produce from an incredible array of talent and techniques faster than ever before!

Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can help you! 


Contact us directly through email, phone, or web! Yes, we do respond to them! We recommend customers to create a Wishlist or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) from which we will work our way through. 

We will reply as soon as we can and schedule a consultation if needed! We love hearing from our customers.

A digital consultation over text, phone, or video (if needed) will be provided free of charge.

The Magic happens! Our Journeymen will be hard at work developing your personalized solution.  Depending on the size, complexity, and volume of the project, time will vary. 

Your product is shipped with our Journeyman Guarantee!

Receive your product and give us feedback! As Journeymen3D, we are always honing our product design. 



Here at Journeyman 3D, customer support is not an obligation but a passion! We take pride in our work and rising above our customer's expectation!

To that end, we strive to provide the best experience every time. Whenever we can go above and beyond as craftsmen we will. No questions asked! 

Every customer big and small is worth our time and passion. It is our goal as a business to provide a personal touch and form communities with every product we print. We hope you share our personal success stories and innovative support with those to come!


The Journeyman.